2008 Voting Results
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2008 SPIBL Awards Nominees

Nominees for each award will be decided by the office of the commissioner and made public for all owners to vote upon.  Check here for detailed statistics and highlights of all award nominees.  Click on any player picture for more statistics.

  AL Most Valuable Player 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Matt Holliday, BOS 15 2 3 84
Carlos Pena, SDB/LAS 3 4 3 30
Brad Hawpe, PIT/NYA 2 5 3 28
Ichiro Suzuki, LAS 2 3 3 22
Alex Rodriguez, CLE 1 3 5 19
David Ortiz, MIL 0 5 4 19
Alfonso Soriano, HOU 0 1 1 4
Derek Jeter, SFS 0 0 1 1
Ryan Braun, SFS 0 0 0 0
Adam Dunn, TEX 0 0 0 0

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Ryan Braun, San Francisco Sea Lions

Ryan Braun (San Francisco Sea Lions) -- Surprise newcomer Ryan Braun burst onto the scene in the city by the bay and propelled his team to a first-place finish and second-most prolific scoring offense in the AL .  Braun finished in the top twelve in batting average, homeruns, and slugging percentage, despite missing 32 games due to nagging shoulder problems.  He led the league in batting average and homeruns against lefties (.496, 20) and intentional walks (18).  .304 BA (11th), 484 AB, 147 H, 31 DO, 5 TR, 36 HR (T-8th), 89 RBI, 85 R, .374 OBP, .612 SLG (5th), .986 OPS (6th).


Adam Dunn, Texas MissionsAdam Dunn (Texas Missions) - Coming over to Texas in a midseason trade last year, Adam Dunn was anxious to make an impact in his new home.  He did just that in 2008 while mashing 42 homeruns and driving in 107, both career highs.  Dunn finished in the top twelve in homeruns, RBIs, runs, walks, slugging percentage, and OPS.  His season high point was a three-game series against Toronto in July where he batted .500 (5-10) with four homeruns and five RBIs.  .262 BA, 522 AB, 137 H, 29 DO, 42 HR (4th), 107 RBI (T-7th), 96 R (T-12th), 98 BB (T-4th), .376 OBP, .559 SLG (8th), .935 OPS (8th).


Brad Hawpe, New York FlatironsBrad Hawpe (Pittsburgh Conspiracy/New York Flatirons) - Brad Hawpe had a breakout year for two teams in 2008 and helped one of them to 95 wins and a playoff berth.  His overall numbers are amazing (.354, 36 HR, 103 RBI), but when he was traded to the bright lights of a contending New York team there was talk that his dream season would fall back to earth.  Hawpe put that talk to rest in a hurry, batting .327 with ten homeruns and 32 RBIs in his last 40 games.  He earned his first batting title and also led the AL in on base percentage and OPS.  No question: Hawpe became a superstar in 2008.  .354 BA (1st), 506 AB, 179 H, 36 DO, 2 TR, 36 HR (T-8th), 103 RBI (T-10th), 108 R (8th), 76 BB, .441 OBP (1st), .646 SLG (2nd), 1.088 OPS (1st).

Matt Holliday, Boston BlizzardsMatt Holliday (Boston Blizzards) - Getting it done from day one.  Thatís how Matt Holliday played in 2008, starting the season with a four-hit game against Pittsburgh and ending it by hitting safely in 17 of his last 18 games.  Holliday placed in the top ten in an amazing ten offensive categories, while leading all of SPIBL with 151 RBIs (7th all-time).  He set a new SPIBL record for doubles in a season with 69.  Holliday led the AL in runs scored with 131 and led all of SPIBL with 112 extra-base hits.  .339 BA (3rd), 666 AB (3rd), 226 H (2nd), 69 DO (1st), 3 TR, 40 HR (5th), 151 RBI (1st), 131 R (1st), 68 BB, 6 SB, .405 OBP (6th), .632 SLG (3rd), 1.037 OPS (4th).

Derek Jeter, San Francisco Sea LionsDerek Jeter (San Francisco Sea Lions) - One of the most consistent and often overlooked players in SPIBL is Derek Jeter of the Sea Lions.  He takes care of business at a high level every year and 2008 was no different.  He finished in the top ten in five categories including batting average, hits, doubles, runs scored and at bats.  His season highlight was an impressive 25-game hitting streak that occurred from August 13th to September 8th.  From July 31st to the end of the season, Jeter had at least one hit in all but five games.  He played stellar defense while posting a .976 fielding percentage (19 errors)  .313 BA (7th), 672 AB (2nd), 210 H (3rd), 42 DO (T-8th), 6 TR, 9 HR, 75 RBI, 114 R (7th), 70 BB, 17 SB, .395 OBP (7th), .403 SLG, .828 OPS.

David Ortiz, Milwaukee MaulersDavid Ortiz (Milwaukee Maulers) - One of the most feared hitters in the league, David Ortiz once again showed why in 2008.  Not only did he smash 49 homeruns and drive in 120, both good for second in the AL , but he also became a .300 hitter for the first time in his SPIBL career.  Ortiz finished in the top ten in seven offensive categories including homeruns, RBIs, runs scored, on base percentage, slugging percentage, and walks.  He had five multi-homerun games in 2008 and led the AL in walks.  .300 BA, 554 AB, 166 H, 35 DO, 1 TR, 49 HR (3rd), 120 RBI (2nd), 116 R (T-3rd), 123 BB (1st), .430 OBP (2nd), .632 SLG (4th), 1.062 OPS (3rd).

Carlos Pena, Los Angeles SkyhawksCarlos Pena (San Diego Black Sox/Los Angeles Skyhawks) - Another multi-team player who posted monster numbers, Carlos Pena is unique in that he started his season with San Diego playing Los Angeles and then ended the season with Los Angeles playing San Diego.  Needless to say, no opponents were excited when Pena came to town.  His season totals are mind-blowing, hitting 54 homeruns, driving in 103 RBIs, and scoring 116 runs.  Itís safe to say that Pena has finally reached his potential.  .295 BA, 532 AB, 157 H, 24 DO, 3 TR, 54 HR (1st), 103 RBI (T-10th), 116 R (T-3rd), 119 BB (2nd), .429 OBP (3rd), .656 SLG (1st), 1.085 OPS (2nd).

Alex Rodriguez, Cleveland ClubbersAlex Rodriguez (Cleveland Clubbers) - One of just two players to notch 50 homeruns in the American League, Alex Rodriguez was a force to be reckoned with in 2008.  He finished in the top ten in nine offensive categories including homeruns, RBIS, runs scored, hits, walks, slugging percentage, on base percentage, and OPS.  He was hit by a pitch 25 times as well.  The highlight of his season was a 3-homer game against New York on September 26th.  .309 BA (T-8th), 586 AB, 181 H (T-10th), 21 DO, 50 HR (2nd), 105 RBI (9th), 130 RS (2nd), 95 BB (6th), 18 SB, .425 OBP (5th), .601 SLG (6th), 1.025 OPS (5th).

Alfonso Soriano, Houston Black DogsAlfonso Soriano (Houston Black Dogs) - The offensive leader of the AL Centralís premier team, Alfonso Soriano put together a great 2008 campaign.  He finished in the top twelve in eight categories, including batting average, RBIs, runs scored, doubles, homeruns, and plate appearances.  In a special statistic of note, Soriano had a streak in late-May where he recorded at least one run and one RBI in eight straight games.  .309 BA (T-8th), 640 AB (8th), 198 H (4th), 43 DO (8th), 4 TR, 38 HR (T-6th), 110 RBI (T-4th), 11 SB, .335 OBP, .567 SLG (7th), .903 OPS (11th).

Ichiro Suzuki, Los Angeles SkyhawksIchiro Suzuki (Los Angeles Skyhawks) - SPIBLís all-time career hits leader had another great season.  Ichiro Suzuki posted 243 hits in 2008, which is good for third all-time in league history.  He batted an amazing .350 and scored 115 runs.  He also posted 36 steals.  From the leadoff position, Ichiro logged an impressive 85 RBIs.  While appearing in all 162 games for the AL champion Skyhawks, he kept opposing runners at bay with his stellar defense (0 errors) and cannon arm (7 assists).  .350 BA (2nd), 694 AB (1st), 243 H (1st), 23 DO, 8 TR, 10 HR, 85 RBI, 115 R (T-5th), 44 BB, 36 SB (6th), .391 OBP (10th), .450 SLG, .841 OPS.


  NL Most Valuable Player 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Prince Fielder, BAL 6 5 6 51
Magglio Ordonez, KCN 6 5 1 46
Chipper Jones, TOR 3 5 4 34
Jorge Posada, TOR 5 2 3 34
Derrek Lee, TOR 0 3 1 10
Placido Polanco, TOR 1 1 1 9
Dan Uggla, PHI 0 1 6 9
Garrett Atkins, COL 1 0 0 5
Hanley Ramirez, ANA 1 0 0 5
Miguel Cabrera, MIN 0 1 1 4

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Garrett Atkins, Colorado Black BearsGarrett Atkins (Colorado Black Bears) - In what was supposed to be a rebuilding year in Colorado , Garrett Atkins led an upstart team of overachievers that nearly made the playoffs in 2008.  This young slugger was clearly the offensive anchor for his team and seemed to make everyone around him play better.  Playing everyday this season, he logged an impressive 211 hits with a sparkling .323 batting average, good for 6th in the NL.  Atkins made just seven errors at third base all season.  .323 BA (6th), 654 AB (4th), 211 H (4th), 30 DO, 32 HR (11th), 110 RBI (T-10th), 107 R, 55 BB, 5 SB, .375 OBP, .515 SLG, .890 OPS.

Miguel Cabrera, Minnesota MooseMiguel Cabrera (Minnesota Moose) - Where would the Moose have been this season without Miguel Cabrera?  He was one of the most reliable offensive producers in the league this season and led his team to a Wildcard berth.  Cabrera was in the top twelve in seven offensive categories including batting average, hits, homeruns, RBIs, on base percentage, slugging percentage, and at bats.  On August 1st, he started a hitting streak that last 16 games.  .302 BA (T-10th), 639 AB (10th), 193 H (10th), 39 DO, 1 TR, 34 HR (8th), 120 RBI (6th), 105 R, 77 BB (T-12th), .381 OBP (10th), .526 SLG (12th), .906 OPS.


Prince Fielder, Baltimore StarsPrince Fielder (Baltimore Stars) - After enduring a 100-loss season in 2007, Prince Fielder came back this spring vowing to lead his team to bigger and better things.  After his 2008 campaign, itís safe to say that he made good on his promise.  He led the NL in both homeruns (54) and RBIs (148), as well as cheeseburger consumption.  Fielder accomplished a rare feat from March 31st to April 5th, hitting a homerun in six consecutive games.  His 100 extra-base hits were fourth-best in the NL.  .280 BA, 579 AB, 162 H, 45 DO (9th), 1 TR, 54 HR (1st), 148 RBI (1st), 117 R (9th), 77 BB (T-12th), .378 OBP (12th), .641 SLG (3rd), 1.019 OPS (4th).

Chipper Jones, Toronto SharpshootersChipper Jones (Toronto Sharpshooters) - Chipper Jones finally had a season free of injury and the results were spectacular.  He led the league in runs scored (133), slugging percentage (.670), and OPS (1.102) as well as finishing among the league leaders in nearly every other offensive category, including batting average, hits, doubles, triples, homeruns, RBIs, on base percentage, and OPS.  In August, Jones had a 20-game hitting streak and in arguably the best single-game performance of the season, Jones hit four homeruns against Detroit on September 14th.  .346 BA (4th), 566 AB, 196 H (7th), 56 DO (T-2nd), 8 TR (7th), 37 HR (T-5th), 110 RBI (T-10th), 133 R (1st), 87 BB (7th), .432 OBP (3rd), .670 SLG (1st), 1.102 OPS (T-1st).

Derrek Lee, Toronto SharpshootersDerrek Lee (Toronto Sharpshooters) - After winning the NL MVP award just two years ago, Derrek Lee had just one goal in mind for 2008:  Win another one.  His numbers certainly make a good case for him, too.  Consider his .330 batting average, 111 runs, 208 hits, 50 doubles, and 27 homeruns.  His most impressive stat is in the RBI category with 142, good for second in the NL.  Some may say that, behind teammates Chipper Jones and Jorge Posada, Lee is an underachiever with room to improve, but look past all of that and realize that without Derrek Lee, Toronto may have only won 110 games.  .330 BA (5th), 631 AB, 208 H (6th), 50 DO (5th), 1 TR, 27 HR, 142 RBI (2nd), 111 R (T-10th), 65 BB, .397 OBP (6th), .540 SLG (10th), .938 OPS (8th).

Magglio Ordonez, Kansas City MonarchsMagglio Ordonez (Kansas City Monarchs) -

You would be hard-pressed to find more balanced offensive production than what Ordonez accomplished in 2008.  He led the National League in numerous key categories including hits, on base percentage, doubles, and OPS, while batting cleanup in every game for the 100-win Monarchs.  He finished with the second-highest batting average (.363) and was one of only five players in all of SPIBL to log 100+ total bases.  Ordonez finished in the top five in homeruns, runs scored, and RBIs.  .363 BA (2nd), 606 AB, 220 H (1st), 65 DO (1st), 1 TR, 37 HR (T-5th), 137 RBI (T-4th), 121 R (7th), 88 BB (T-5th), .445 OBP (1st), .657 SLG (2nd), 1.102 OPS (T-1st).


Placido Polanco, Toronto SharpshootersPlacido Polanco (Toronto Sharpshooters) - Zero.  Thatís how many mistakes Placido Polanco made at second base during the 2008 season.  Forget for a moment that he batted a cool .355 with 209 hits, 119 runs scored, and a terrific .411 on base percentage.  Forget his 57 extra base hits and amazing 86 RBIs, mostly from the leadoff spot of a National League team.  Polanco appeared in 149 games during the 2008 season and never once committed an error in the field.  .355 BA (3rd), 588 AB, 209 H (5th), 38 DO, 5 TR, 14 HR, 86 RBI, 119 R (8th), 51 BB, .411 OBP (5th), .509 SLG, .920 OPS (11th).


Jorge Posada, Toronto SharpshootersJorge Posada (Toronto Sharpshooters) - Perennial all-star catcher Jorge Posada had a season to remember in 2008.  Flirting with .400 virtually all season, he was as high as .392 on September 7th with 18 games to play.  With nine games left, he was at .389.  Despite falling short of the magical .400, Posada still finished with a SPIBL-best .381 average which is good for second-highest in league history.  He had 216 hits, 21 homeruns, 100 RBIs, and scored an impressive 124 runs, all while captaining the NLís top pitching staff to a terrific 3.28 ERA.  .381 BA (1st), 567 AB, 216 H (2nd), 56 DO (T-2nd), 5 TR, 21 HR, 100 RBI, 124 R (T-3rd), 62 BB, .442 OBP (2nd), .608 SLG (4th), 1.051 OPS (3rd).

Hanley Ramirez, Anaheim AntsHanley Ramirez (Anaheim Ants) - Last yearís AL Rookie Of The Year has his sights set on larger trophies in 2008.  He certainly posted the numbers to make a strong case, finishing in the top ten in nine offensive categories including batting average, runs scored, homeruns, doubles, and at bats.  He led the NL in stolen bases with 67 while being successful over 80% of the time.  His .940 OPS was tops among all shortstops, where he played every day this season.  .319 BA (8th), 668 AB (1st), 213 H (3rd), 48 DO (T-6th), 6 TR (T-12th), 35 HR (7th), 112 RBI (9th), 125 R (2nd), 53 BB, 67 SB (T-1st), .374 OBP, .566 SLG (7th), .940 OPS (7th).

Dan Uggla, Philadelphia PhanaticsDan Uggla (Philadelphia Phanatics) - Dan Uggla was responsible for 33% of his teamís runs in 2008.  Uggla drove in an amazing 140 RBIs and scored 111 runs, all while batting #2 in the Phanatics lineup.  He was the only player in 2008 to post 50+ doubles, 50+ homeruns, and 110+ RBIs and runs.  Uggla made opposing pitchers work all season as he led the NL in pitches seen (2835).  His terrific OPS of .952 ranks first among all middle infielders.  .278 BA, 652 AB (6th), 181 H, 51 DO (4th), 2 TR, 53 HR (2nd), 140 RBI (3rd), 111 R (T-10th), 64 BB, 5 SB, .346 OBP, .606 SLG (5th), .952 OPS (6th).


  AL Cy Young 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Brandon Webb, HOU 14 8 0 94
John Smoltz, SDB/LAS 8 7 0 61
Josh Beckett, HOU 0 2 9 15
Jonathan Papelbon, MIL 0 1 7 10
Chien-Ming Wang, SFS 1 1 1 9
Joe Blanton, MIL 0 2 2 8
Kelvim Escobar, HOU 0 1 1 4
Cole Hamels, LAS 0 1 0 3
Justin Verlander, SFS 0 0 2 2
Joakim Soria, TEX 0 0 1 1

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Josh Beckett, Houston Black DogsJosh Beckett (Houston Black Dogs) - On July 30th, Josh Beckett pitched one-third of an inning in a loss to Chicago , surrendering six runs.  His record at that time was 7-10.  After that point, he rattled off 10 straight wins, including two shutouts, while lowering his ERA from 3.81 to a terrific 3.07.  His 10 complete games are good for third in the AL and his 187 strikeouts finished sixth-best.  17 W (T-3rd), 10 L, .630 Win% (T-7th), 31 GS, 3.07 ERA (2nd), 219.2 IP (9th), 205 H, 55 BB, 187 K (7th), 19 QS (T-3rd), 10 CG (3rd), 2 SHO (T-2nd).


Joe Blanton, Milwaukee MaulersJoe Blanton (Milwaukee Maulers) - 17-game winner gave it all in every start throughout the 2008 season.  20 of his 34 appearances were quality starts, which was good for second in the American League.  Blanton also proved to be a workhorse for his team as he led the AL in complete games with 13 and was second in innings pitched.  Allowing just 38 walks all season, he posted the third-best BB/9 innings ratio.  17 W (T-3rd), 12 L, .586 Win% (11th), 34 GS, 3.41 ERA (6th), 245.1 IP (2nd), 234 H, 38 BB, 135 K, 20 QS (2nd), 13 CG (1st), 1 SHO.


Kelvim Escobar, Houston Black DogsKelvim Escobar (Houston Black Dogs) - Kelvim Escobar had as consistent a season as you will see.  Winning 17 games, he never lost more than one game at a time and always followed a loss with at least two wins in a row.  Escobarís team won 22 of his 31 starts and he logged 19 quality starts for the season.  On April 29th, Escobar earned a complete game win against Cleveland while recording 12 strikeouts.  17 W (T-3rd), 6 L, .739 Win% (3rd), 31 GS, 3.23 ERA (4th), 181.1 IP, 173 H, 65 BB, 154 K (10th), 19 QS (T-3rd), 3 CG.


Cole Hamels, Los Angeles SkyhawksCole Hamels (Los Angeles Skyhawks) - This young left-hander certainly came into his own this past season.  16 wins and nearly a strikeout-per-inning put Cole Hamels in rare company.  After an atrocious April (0-5, 6.45 ERA), Hamels put the past behind him and went the rest of the way winning at a .727 clip (16-6).  On June 19th, he pitched an absolute gem with a complete game win over Oakland , allowing just five hits, no walks, and striking out 12.  16 W (8th), 11 L, .593 Win% (9th), 30 GS, 3.75 ERA (10th), 197.0 IP, 184 H, 62 BB, 188 K (6th), 14 QS (T-14th), 4 CG (T-8th), 2 SHO (T-2nd).


Jonathan Papelbon, Milwaukee MaulersJonathan Papelbon (Milwaukee Maulers) - 55 near-perfect innings earned closer Jonathan Papelbon a spot on this elite list.  In those innings, he allowed just 28 hits, 15 walks, and a mere seven runs.  Papelbon saved 37 games in 40 opportunities for a .925 save percentage, best in the AL .  Opponents batted a paltry .149 against Papelbon.  For almost two months (5/2-6/27), he did not allow a run, a span of 21 innings.  37 SV (2nd), .925 SV% (1st), 46 GP, 40 GF (T-8th), 2-0, 1.13 ERA, 55.2 IP, 28 H, 15 BB, 81 K.


John Smoltz, Los Angeles SkyhawksJohn Smoltz (San Diego Black Sox/Los Angeles Skyhawks) - This guy just does not slow down.  The SPIBL Save King is back in the starting rotation and all he did was post 19 wins for two different teams.  From May 10th to September 10th, Smoltz lost just once (13-1).  His 2.54 ERA was the lowest in all of SPIBL this season.  Despite starting the season with 98-loss San Diego , Smoltz still managed to post a 12-3 record with a 2.30 ERA, leading that team in both categories.  Smoltz led all AL pitchers with 25 quality starts.  19 W (2nd), 6 L, .760 Win% (2nd), 33 GS, 2.54 ERA (1st), 227.0 IP (4th), 192 H, 66 BB, 207 K (3rd), 25 QS (1st), 1 CG, 1 SHO.

Joakim Soria, Texas MissionsJoakim Soria (Texas Missions) - Virtually untouchable was Joakim Soria out of the Texas bullpen.  Allowing just 39 hits and 18 walks in 67 innings, his ERA was a miniscule 1.48.  Soria was versatile out of the pen, he was asked to perform as middle relief, setup, and as closer.  He found success in all roles, saving 10 in 11 chances and posting a .158 inherited runners percentage.  He allowed just one homerun all season.  Soria was shut down in late-July until mid-September due to a sore arm, but still managed to have a large impact on his teamís success.  10 SV, .909 SV%, 51 GP, 29 GF, 4-2, 1.48 ERA, 67.0 IP, 39 H, 18 BB, 70 K.

Chien-Ming Wang, San Francisco Sea LionsChien-Ming Wang (San Francisco Sea Lions) - Winning almost 80% of his decisions, Chien-Ming Wang became the ace one of the top SPIBL teams of 2008.  Wang was a master of minimizing damage and keeping his team in games.  He allowed just 10 homeruns in 208 innings and induced 32 double plays, which averages out to almost one per start.  He was second in the AL in wins with 17 and led the junior circuit in win percentage at .773.  His first start of the season was a beauty, a 4-hit shutout over San Diego .  17 W (T-3rd), 5 L, .773 Win% (1st), 33 GS, 4.14 ERA, 208.2 IP (11th), 217 H, 79 BB, 102 K, 1 CG, 1 SHO.

Justin Verlander, San Francisco Sea LionsJustin Verlander (San Francisco Sea Lions) - Hard-throwing right-hander Justin Verlander had a terrific season for the AL Westís top team.  He posted a 17-10 record with a respectable 3.74 ERA and finished 8th in the AL with 167 strikeouts.  On July 10th in Oakland , Verlander came closer than any other pitcher in 2008 to pitching a perfect game.  After seven innings, he had not allowed a hit or walk and had his sights set on making league history.  Inexplicably, he was taken out of the game, but still earned the win.  17 W (T-3rd), 10 L, .630 Win% (8th), 34 GS (T-2nd), 3.74 ERA (9th), 221.2 IP (T-6th), 195 H, 78 BB, 167 K (8th), 3 CG (T-10th), 2 SHO (T-2nd).

Brandon Webb, Houston Black DogsBrandon Webb (Houston Black Dogs) - After a slow start in early April (0-4, 9.00 ERA), Brandon Webb found his rhythm and posted a 20-5 mark the rest of the way.  He was the sole 20-game winner in the American League.  He pitched an amazing five shutouts, including two against a tough St. Louis team.  His 227 strikeouts were second only to Kazmir and he led the AL in innings pitched. He barely lost out on the ERA title, finishing just one point behind teammate Josh Beckett. 20 W (1st), 9 L, .690 Win% (4th), 34 GS (T-2nd), 3.08 ERA (3rd), 257.0 IP (1st), 222 H, 88 BB, 227 K (2nd), 19 QS (T-3rd), 12 CG (2nd), 5 SHO (1st).


  NL Cy Young 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Carlos Zambrano, TOR 13 4 4 81
CC Sabathia, STL 4 12 2 58
Jake Peavy, TOR 6 2 8 44
Mariano Rivera, BAL 0 3 5 14
Derek Lowe, TOR 0 1 1 4
J.J. Putz, ANA 0 1 1 4
Fausto Carmona, KCN 0 0 1 1
Brad Penny, STL 0 0 1 1
Erik Bedard, KCN 0 0 0 0
Francisco Rodriguez, KCN 0 0 0 0

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Erik Bedard, Kansas City MonarchsErik Bedard (Kansas City Monarchs) - Often overlooked on his team behind perennial ace Halladay and flashy newcomer Carmona, Erik Bedard held his own and then some for the Monarchs in 2008.  He placed among the top ten in nearly all major pitching categories, including wins, win percentage, earned run average, and strikeouts.  Despite pitching under 200 total innings, his 219 strikeouts were good for third in the NL.  Bedard accomplished a rare feat in early July by pitching two consecutive complete game shutouts.  He allowed just 10 hits, two walks, and struck out 22 in those two outings.  17 W (T-6th), 6 L, .739 Win% (5th), 30 GS, 3.49 ERA (7th), 198.1 IP, 184 H, 55 BB, 219 K (3rd), 17 QS, 2 CG, 2 SHO (T-1st).

Fausto Carmona, Kansas City MonarchsFausto Carmona (Kansas City Monarchs) - Who could have predicted the amazing season that Fausto Carmona put together?  From his first outing of the season (6 IP, 1 ER vs TOR), he continued to pitch like a veteran and keep his team in ballgames.  With 18 wins and close to 200 strikeouts, Carmona has also put himself in position for the top pitching prize.  His 20 quality starts were good for seventh in the NL.  Against one of the top AL teams, Carmona pitched a terrific 3-hit shutout over Houston while walking none and fanning nine.  18 W (5th), 9 L, .667 Win% (T-10th), 34 GS (T-7th), 4.18 ERA, 228.0 IP (4th), 203 H, 86 BB, 176 K, 20 QS (T-7th), 2 CG, 1 SHO.

Derek Lowe, Toronto SharpshootersDerek Lowe (Toronto Sharpshooters) - One of the ďFab FourĒ in Toronto , Derek Lowe more than held his own this season.  Incredibly, Lowe started the season by losing four of his first five decisions.  Even more incredible was that he went on to win 19 of next 20 decisions and finished with a sparkling 20-5 mark.  Lowe did not lose after the month of July.  20 W (4th), 5 L, .800 Win% (3rd), 32 GS, 4.14 ERA, 197.2 IP, 181 H, 63 BB, 164 K, 19 QS (T-9th), 4 CG (T-5th), 2 SHO (T-1st).


Jake Peavy, Toronto SharpshootersJake Peavy (Toronto Sharpshooters) - The National Leagueís best ERA in 2008 belongs to Jake Peavy, ace of the SPIBL world champions.  Peavy kept his team in most games by recording an amazing 28 quality starts.  He led the NL in strikeouts with 260 while opponents batted just .199 off of him.  Peavy had a day to remember on June 28th, pitching a 5-hit shutout and recording 14 strikeouts against Seattle .  21 W (3rd), 8 L, .724 Win% (6th), 36 GS (T-1st), 246.1 IP (1st), 174 H, 88 BB, 260 K (1st), 28 QS (1st), 4 CG (T-5th), 1 SHO.


Brad Penny, St. Louis Red BirdsBrad Penny (St. Louis Red Birds) - St. Louis starter Brad Penny was a model of consistency in 2008.  He made 34 starts and 25 of them were quality starts, which was second best in the NL.  Penny could be counted on down the stretch as well, pitching seven consecutive quality starts and earning his team six big wins.  His respectable ERA of 3.41 was good for fifth-best in the NL.  Perhaps most impressive was that Penny allowed just five homeruns in 213 innings pitched.  17 W (T-6th), 8 L, .680 Win% (T-8th), 34 GS (T-7th), 3.41 ERA (5th), 213.2 IP (11th), 187 H, 94 BB, 128 K, 25 QS (2nd), 1 CG.


J.J. Putz, Anaheim AntsJ.J. Putz (Anaheim Ants) - Anaheim found a gem in J.J. Putz.  This reliever closed the door on 51 wins for his team and gave up very little along the way.  Over 71 innings, Putz allowed just 45 hits and 19 walks.  His near-perfect .944 save percentage was good for second in the NL while his 88 strikeouts put him seventh among NL relievers.  His 1.39 ERA was second-best among all relievers in the NL.  51 SV (2nd), .944 SV% (2nd), 65 GP, 61 GF (3rd), 1-1, 1.39 ERA, 71.0 IP, 45 H, 19 BB, 88 K.


Mariano Rivera, Baltimore StarsMariano Rivera (Baltimore Stars) - Veteran closer Mariano Rivera knows what it takes to get the job done in the late innings.  Heís done it year after year, and 2008 was no different.  Finishing with a SPIBL-leading 52 saves and the third-best save percentage (.929), Rivera is poised to make some noise in the NL Cy Young voting.  Rivera finished the season with a flourish.  From August 31 on, Rivera allowed a mere one hit and one walk over the span of 7.2 innings and 10 saves.  52 SV (1st), .929 SV% (3rd), 75 GP (5th), 71 GF (1st), 3-1, 2.36 ERA, 72.1 IP, 46 H, 13 BB, 62 K.


Francisco Rodriguez, Kansas City MonarchsFrancisco Rodriguez (Kansas City Monarchs) - Just amazing.  50 saves in 52 save opportunities.  Whatís more valuable to a team than knowing, with over 96% certainty, that if there is a lead going into the final frame one player can be counted on to get those final three outs?  Thatís what Francisco Rodriguez brought to his team in 2008.  With the best save percentage in all of SPIBL, K-Rod was the most reliable reliever of 2008.  50 SV (3rd), .962 SV% (1st), 61 GP, 59 GF (4th), 1-4, 2.08 ERA, 56.1 IP, 43 H, 24 BB, 69 K.


CC Sabathia, St. Louis Red BirdsCC Sabathia (St. Louis Red Birds) - An ace pitcher on a team in the NL Central is kind of like John Goodman, Jack Black, and Brando eating cheeseburgers Ė they all have at least three.  But C.C. Sabathia has certainly distinguished himself above the rest.  With 23 wins and 216 strikeouts, he stands out big time.  His 3.32 ERA was good for third in the NL.  He proved once again in 2008 that he is a workhorse, pitching 241 innings over 36 starts.  He had 23 quality starts (5th in NL) while walking just 35 batters all season (1.31 BB/9 IP, 1st in NL).  Over the span of four amazing starts in early to mid August, he allowed just three runs.  23 W (2nd), 9 L, .719 Win% (7th), 36 GS (T-1st), 3.32 ERA (3rd), 241.0 IP (2nd), 247 H, 35 BB, 216 K (4th), 23 QS (5th), 3 CG (T-8th), 1 SHO.

Carlos Zambrano, Toronto SharpshootersCarlos Zambrano (Toronto Sharpshooters) - Yet another Toronto starter with 20 wins?  I know.  Itís a stretch.  Carlos Zambrano won a league-leading 25 games, including his first twelve decisions.  He didnít suffer a loss until around Fatherís Day.  The highlight of his season was a 1-hit shutout on July 26th against Chicago .  He did not give up many hits, allowing just 166 in 234 innings.  His terrific season was certainly not hindered by receiving over eight runs of support per start.  He rarely needed them, however, by posting 24 quality starts, good for third in the NL.  25 W (1st), 5 L, .833 Win% (2nd), 35 GS (6th), 3.34 ERA (4th), 234.1 IP (3rd), 166 H, 107 BB, 212 K (5th), 24 QS (T-3rd), 4 CG (T-4th), 2 SHO (T-1st).


  AL Rookie of the Year 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Ryan Braun, SFS 22 1 0 113
Joakim Soria, TEX 0 11 7 40
Yunel Escobar, CHA 0 6 6 24
Dustin Pedroia, SFS 1 4 5 22
James Loney, OAK 0 1 5 8

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Ryan Braun, San Francisco Sea LionsRyan Braun (San Francisco Sea Lions) - Surprise newcomer Ryan Braun burst onto the scene in the city by the bay and propelled his team to a first-place finish and second-most prolific scoring offense in the AL .  Braun finished in the top twelve in batting average, homeruns, and slugging percentage, despite missing 32 games due to nagging shoulder problems.  He led the league in batting average and homeruns against lefties (.496, 20) and intentional walks (18).  .304 BA (11th), 484 AB, 147 H, 31 DO, 5 TR, 36 HR (T-8th), 89 RBI, 85 R, .374 OBP, .612 SLG (5th), .986 OPS (6th).


Yunel Escobar, Chicago Blue KnightsYunel Escobar (Chicago Blue Knights) - The heir-apparent at shortstop in Chicago is Yunel Escobar.  He put together a very solid season, with a .318 batting average over 109 games with a rookie-leading 35 doubles.  Escobar had a 10-game hitting streak in August.  .318 BA, 365 AB, 116 H, 35 DO, 7 HR, 44 RBI, 42 R, .385 OBP, .471 SLG, .856 OPS.


James Loney, Oakland OaksJames Loney (Oakland Oaks) - Oakland fans have been given something to cheer about.  In a dismal season of turbulent changes, James Loney emerged as a leader and hope for the future.  In 100 games, he batted .298 with 42 RBIs.  He started the season by hitting safely in 17 straight games.  .298 BA, 346 AB, 103 H, 15 DO, 2 TR, 14 HR, 42 RBI, 42 R, .338 OBP, .474 SLG, .812 OPS.


Dustin Pedroia, San Francisco Sea LionsDustin Pedroia (San Francisco Sea Lions) - Dustin Pedroia had a very solid season in 2008.  Appearing in 147 games, he posted a .271 batting average with 34 extra-base hits and 75 runs scored.  On May 5th against Milwaukee , Pedroia had five-hit game.  Look for this young spark plug to have a terrific career.  .271 BA, 561 AB, 152 H, 27 DO, 2 TR, 5 HR, 56 RBI, 75 R, 6 SB, .330 OBP, .353 SLG, .683 OPS.


Joakim Soria, Texas MissionsJoakim Soria (Texas Missions) - Virtually untouchable was Joakim Soria out of the Texas bullpen.  Allowing just 39 hits and 18 walks in 67 innings, his ERA was a miniscule 1.48.  Soria was versatile out of the pen, he was asked to perform as middle relief, setup, and as closer.  He found success in all roles, saving 10 in 11 chances and posting a .158 inherited runners percentage.  He allowed just one homerun all season.  Soria was shut down in late-July until mid-September due to a sore arm, but still managed to have a large impact on his teamís success.  10 SV, .909 SV%, 51 GP, 29 GF, 4-2, 1.48 ERA, 67.0 IP, 39 H, 18 BB, 70 K.


  NL Rookie of the Year 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Daisuke Matsuzaka, BAL 9 10 3 78
Troy Tulowitzki, STL 7 9 4 66
Delmon Young, SEA 4 1 7 30
Chris B. Young, STL 3 2 8 29
Brian Bannister, ATL 0 1 1 4

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Brian Bannister, Atlanta MetsBrian Bannister (Atlanta Mets) - Brian Bannister made 26 starts in 2008.  With 11 wins and 13 quality starts, he has proven himself to be a promising young arm for the Atlanta franchise.  On April 26th, Bannister pitched a 7-hit shutout over Seattle while not walking any and striking out four.  11 W, 10 L, .524 Win%, 26 GS, 4.74 ERA, 161.1 IP, 155 H, 51 BB, 55 K, 13 QS, 1 CG, 1 SHO.


Daisuke Matsuzaka, Baltimore StarsDaisuke Matsuzaka (Baltimore Stars) - Japanese import and #1 draft pick meant that expectations were high for Daisuke Matsuzaka.  He didnít disappoint in 2008, winning 16 games and helping his team to a division title.  Matsuzaka had a terrific September, winning his final four starts while allowing just one earned run in each.  16 W (9th), 11 L, .593 Win%, 33 GS, 4.83 ERA, 190.0 IP, 186 H, 92 BB, 182 K (T-11th), 13 QS.


Troy Tulowitzki, St. Louis Red BirdsTroy Tulowitzki (St. Louis Red Birds) - Troy Tulowitzki proved in 2008 to be the solid player that the Red Birds were hoping for.  Playing stellar shortstop for a playoff team (just 12 errors in 159 games), Tulowitzki batted a solid .267 with 43 doubles and 16 homeruns.  His 90 runs scored and 43 doubles are tops among NL rookies.  Tulowitzki had an impressive 19-game hitting streak.  .267 BA, 648 AB, 173 H, 43 DO, 5 TR, 16 HR, 63 RBI, 90 R, 12 SB, .319 OBP, .423 SLG, .741 OPS.


Chris Young, St. Louis Red BirdsChris B. Young (St. Louis Red Birds) - Outfielder Chris Young was the only rookie in the NL to reach the 30-homerun plateau.  With 77 RBIs and 68 runs scored, he was a big part of his teamís offensive output. As a center fielder, Young recorded 16 assists and turned one double-play.  He had 12 stolen bases in 19 attempts.  .218 BA, 531 AB, 116 H, 25 DO, 3 TR, 30 HR, 77 RBI, 68 R, 12 SB, .278 OBP, .446 SLG, .725 OPS.


Delmon Young, Seattle Iron BirdsDelmon Young (Seattle Iron Birds) - Appearing in all but one game in 2008, Delmon Young brought strength and endurance to the Seattle lineup.  He recorded a rookie-best 179 hits, including 53 for extra bases, with a batting average of .276 and 73 RBIs.  He also stole 10 bases in as many attempts.  .276 BA, 648 AB, 179 H, 42 DO, 1 TR, 10 HR, 73 RBI, 75 R, 10 SB, .304 OBP, .390 SLG, .695 OPS.




Player writeups courtesy of Alan Lecher.




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