2009 Voting Results
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2009 SPIBL Awards Nominees

Nominees for each award will be decided by the office of the commissioner and made public for all owners to vote upon.  Check here for detailed statistics and highlights of all award nominees.  Click on any player picture for more statistics.

  AL Most Valuable Player 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Ryan Ludwick, MIL 6 6 4 52
Jose Reyes, HOU 6 3 4 43
Vladimir Guerrero, HOU 5 4 5 42
Adrian Gonzalez, SFS 3 3 2 26
Albert Pujols, CLE 3 1 1 19
Matt Holliday, BOS 0 2 2 8
Mariano Rivera, OAK 0 2 1 7
Yadier Molina, SFS 0 1 3 6
Aubrey Huff, BOS 0 1 1 4
Ryan Dempster, SDB/NYA 0 0 0 0

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Ryan Dempster, New York Flatirons

Ryan Dempster (San Diego Black Sox/New York Flatirons) -- Ryan Dempster experienced two completely different seasons in 2009.  He started the year pitching for a 64 win San Diego Black Sox team, winning 12 of his 19 starts and posting a stellar 2.93 ERA.  Ryan had an 8 game winning streak between May 28th and July 5th.  Acquired by the division leading New York Flatirons at the trade deadline, Dempster proceeded to win 8 more games down the stretch in the midst of a playoff run.  Dempster's combined 20 wins led the AL, and his 3.37 ERA was 3rd best.  20-8 (1st), 3.37 ERA (3rd), .645 winning % (9th),  227.1 IP (4th), 7 CG (T-3rd), 2 SHO (T-2nd), 182 strikeouts (T-7th)


Adrian Gonzalez, San Francisco Sea LionsAdrian Gonzalez (San Francisco Sea Lions) - First baseman Adrian Gonzalez made a big impact in his first season with the Sea Lions in 2009.  Gonzalez swatted a career best 32 homeruns and batted .323 in leading San Francisco to the American League pennant.  In addition to playing his usual Gold Glove caliber first base, his 113 runs batted in and .583 slugging percentage were both 4th best in the league.  .323 BA (5th), 523 AB, 169 H, 34 DO, 3 TR, 32 HR (5th), 113 RBI (4th), 84 R, 49 BB, .383 OBP (8th), .583 SLG (4th), .966 OPS, 305 total bases (7th).


Vladimir Guerrero, Houston Black DogsVladimir Guerrero (Houston Black Dogs) - Vladimir Guerrero continued to add to his Hall Of Fame caliber career numbers in 2009.  Guerrero led Houston to yet another AL Central crown, and finished in the top ten in most offensive categories while doing so.  Vlad's 126 runs batted in led the American League, and his 363 total bases were good for 2nd best.  .314 BA (9th), 611 AB (9th), 92 R (10th), 192 H (2nd), 44 DO (T-6th), 5 TR, 39 HR (3rd), 126 RBI (1st), 38 BB, .357 OBP, .594 SLG (3rd), .951 OPS, 363 total bases (2nd).


Matt Holliday, Boston BlizzardsMatt Holliday (Boston Blizzards) - The reigning 2008 AL MVP continued to get the job done this season.  Holliday was a sabermetrician lover's dream, finishing with 8.5 runs created per 27 outs, and posting a total average of .983.  .318 BA (8th), 594 AB, 113 R (3rd), 189 H (T-3rd), 48 DO (5th), 1 TR, 23 HR, 97 RBI, 69 BB, .401 OBP (5th), .519 SLG, .920 OPS, 308 total bases (6th).



Aubrey Huff, Boston BlizzardsAubrey Huff (Boston Blizzards) - Back in the AL East after a one year sabbatical in LA, Aubrey Huff enjoyed a big comeback season in 2009.  Huff took advantage of the Green Monster and drilled a career best (and league leading) 57 doubles.  Huff also drove in a career best 119 runs (2nd best in league).  .295 BA, 624 AB (5th), 89 R, 184 H (6th), 57 DO (1st), 0 TR, 26 HR, 119 RBI (2nd), 49 BB, .348 OBP, .511 SLG, .859 OPS, 319 total bases (4th).



Ryan Ludwick, Milwaukee MaulersRyan Ludwick (Milwaukee Maulers) - With long-time power threat David Ortiz seemingly diminished, Milwaukee needed somebody to step up and pick up the slack in 2009...and Ryan Ludwick responded in a big way.  Given extensive opportunity for the first time in his SPIBL career, Ludwick set career highs in every offensive category.  Ludwick led the league with 42 home runs and slugging percentage (.637), and his 113 RBIs were 3rd best. He also led Milwaukee to their first playoff appearance in franchise history.  .297 BA, 548 AB, 92 R (T-10th), 163 H, 50 DO (3rd), 5 TR, 52 HR (1st), 113 RBI (T-3rd), 52 BB, .367 OBP, .637 SLG (1st), 1.004 OPS, 349 total bases (3rd).


Yadier Molina, San Francisco Sea LionsYadier Molina (San Francisco Sea Lions) - If Adrian Gonzalez was the "big bopper", Yadier Molina was the "heart and soul" of the 2009 pennant winning San Francisco Sea Lions. Prior to this season, Yadier's previous full season batting average was .242.  He blew that away this year, and unexpectedly won his first batting title in the process.  .362 BA (1st), 461 AB, 63 R, 167 H, 40 DO, 0 TR, 8 HR, 77 RBI, 49 BB, .421 OBP (3rd), .501 SLG, .922 OPS.



Albert Pujols, Cleveland ClubbersAlbert Pujols (Cleveland Clubbers) - In the midst of a disappointing season for Cleveland, Albert Pujols was a lone bright spot for the Clubbers.  Pujols batted a cool .338 (3rd in the AL), and belted 36 home runs.  Albert also led the league in on base percentage (.423) and was 2nd in slugging percentage (.606).  .338 BA (3rd), 526 AB, 93 R (7th), 33 DO, 0 TR, 36 HR (4th), 86 RBI, 74 BB (9th), .423 OBP (1st), .606 SLG (2nd), 319 total bases (5th).



Jose Reyes, Houston Black DogsJose Reyes (Houston Black Dogs) - The offensive leader of the AL Centralís premier team, Jose Reyes put together a great 2009 campaign.  He finished in the top ten in eleven offensive categories, including batting average, plate appearances, runs scored, hits, doubles, triples, walks, stolen bases, on base percentage, and slugging percentage.  Jose became the first player in SPIBL history to record 40 doubles, 20 triples, and 20 homers in the same season.  Reyes led the American League in runs scored (149), hits (229), triples (23), and total bases (384).  .330 BA (4th), 693 AB (2nd), 149 R (1st), 229 H (1st), 49 DO (4th), 23 TR (1st), 20 HR, 79 RBI, 73 BB (10th), 77 SB (T-2nd), .830 SB % (T-4th), .393 OBP (6th), .554 SLG (6th), 384 total bases (1st).

Mariano Rivera, Oakland OaksMariano Rivera (Oakland Oaks) - The Great Mariano Rivera earned every penny of his league high $35.0 salary in 2009.  Rivera instantly legitimized the surging Oakland Oaks franchise, and put together a stunning season.  Rivera saved 34 games and won 11 more in 67 relief appearances.  Mo allowed a meager 36 hits in 71.1 innings pitched, while striking out 66 and walking only 10.  He sported a microscopic 1.26 ERA.  The most hits he allowed in any outing ALL YEAR was 2.  11-1, 1.26 ERA, 71.1 IP, 36 H, 10 W, 66 K, 34 saves in 38 opportunities.


  NL Most Valuable Player 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Manny Ramirez, BAL 13 5 2 82
Miguel Cabrera, MIN 2 4 7 29
Hanley Ramirez, ANA 4 2 1 27
Tim Lincecum, BAL 3 3 2 26
Carlos Delgado, ATL 0 2 6 12
Lance Berkman, FLA 0 3 1 10
Nick Markakis, TOR 1 1 1 9
CC Sabathia, STL 0 1 3 6
Carlos Marmol, MIN 0 1 0 3
Joey Votto, DET 0 1 0 3

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Lance Berkman, Florida InvadersLance Berkman (Florida Invaders) - For a team that had a bunch of trouble scoring runs, Lance Berkman certainly carried his share of the load.  Berkman was one of the four players in the National League to score 100 times and drive in 100 runs.  Berkman finished in the top 10 in batting, runs scored, doubles, triples, home runs, runs batted in, and walks.  .318 AVG (5th), 559 AB, 106 R (T-6th), 178 H, 44 DO (T-5th), 8 TR (T-5th), 32 HR (10th), 102 RBI, 93 BB (5th), .416 OBP (3rd), .597 SLG (3rd), 334 total bases (3rd).


Miguel Cabrera, Minnesota MooseMiguel Cabrera (Minnesota Moose) - Miguel Cabrera once again proved why he is one of the preeminent stars in SPIBL during the 2009 season.  Miggy drove in an NL best 122 runs for the surprising Minnesota Moose.  He also knocked 31 doubles and 36 homers.  .297 AVG, 647 AB (6th), 92 R, 192 H (T-4th), 31 DO, 4 TR, 36 HR (7th), 122 RBI (1st), 56 BB, .353 OBP, .524 SLG (9th), 339 total bases (2nd).



Carlos Delgado, Atlanta MetsCarlos Delgado (Atlanta Mets) - Finally given a full-time gig after a few years of platoon duty, the Mets' Carlos Delgado delivered on a big 2009 season.  Delgado blasted an NL best 43 home runs, and drove in 121 runs.  He also hit 35 doubles and led the Mets to their best record in years.  .287 AVG, 565 AB, 84 R, 162 H, 35 DO, 0 TR, 43 HR (1st), 121 RBI (2nd), 56 BB, .356 OBP, .577 SLG (4th), .933 OPS.



Tim Lincecum, Baltimore StarsTim Lincecum (Baltimore Stars) - Baltimore's Tim Lincecum had a season for the record books in 2009.  The second year starter won a SPIBL best 23 games versus only 4 defeats.  He struck out 275 batters in a single season, which is 13th best in league history.  His 2.64 ERA was 6th best in the NL, and his .852 winning percentage was second best all-time.  Tim had a 10 game winning streak between July 21st and September 20th, and he had 10 starts with double digit strikeouts.   23-4 (1st), 2.64 ERA (6th), 34 GS, 228.1 IP, 180 H, 81 W, 275 K (1st), 2 CG, 1 SHO.



Nick Markakis, Toronto SharpshootersNick Markakis (Toronto Sharpshooters) - On a championship team filled with savvy veteran players, Nick Markakis stood out as a young superstar on the rise.  Markakis' hitting and fielding helped lead Toronto to yet another championship.  Nick finished in the top ten in a number of categories, including batting average, hits, runs scored, hits, doubles, and walks.  .301 AVG (10th), 637 AB (10th), 108 R (3rd), 192 H (5th), 46 DO (4th), 3 TR, 24 HR, 87 RBI, 114 BB (1st), .408 OBP (5th), .496 SLG, 316 total bases (6th).



Carlos Marmol, Minnesota MooseCarlos Marmol (Minnesota Moose) - While you won't find his name listed amongst the league leaders in any categories (other than saves), perhaps no other player meant more to his team in 2009 than Carlos Marmol meant to the Minnesota Moose.  After showing much promise as a set up man, management moved Marmol into the closer role this year, and watched Carlos take off.  Marmol saved 46 games in 74 appearances, and chipped in with 7 more wins out of the pen.  Marmol allowed only 84 baserunners in 88 innings pitched, and fanned 111 batters.  74 G, 88 IP, 50 H, 34 W, 111 K, 46 saves in 49 opportunities.


Hanley Ramirez, Anaheim AntsHanley Ramirez (Anaheim Ants) - Hanley Ramirez is the engine that makes the Anaheim Ants go.  The epitome of a "five tool" player, H-Ram ran roughshod over NL pitching in 2009.  Ramirez scored a league best 125 runs, and belted 72 extra base hits.  He also swiped 34 bases on the basepaths, and played a solid shortstop.  .279 AVG, 637 AB (9th), 125 R (1st), 178 H, 36 DO, 8 TR, 28 HR, 108 RBI (6th), 102 BB (3rd), 34 SB, .85 SB%, .383 OBP, .493 SLG, 314 total bases (7th).


Manny Ramirez, Baltimore StarsManny Ramirez (Baltimore Stars) - A big offseason acquisition, Manny Ramirez proved to be worth his weight in gold in the 2009 regular season.  Manny flirted with the Triple Crown deep into September, and finished in the top 5 of many important offensive categories, including winning his first league batting title with a .345 average.  .345 AVG (1st), 562 AB, 107 R (4th), 194 H (3rd), 39 DO, 3 TR, 39 HR (3rd), 118 RBI (3rd), 88 BB (8th), .442 OBP (1st), .630 SLG (1st), 354 total bases (1st).



CC Sabathia, St. Louis Red BirdsCC Sabathia (St. Louis Red Birds) - While fending off the frequent ire of manager Whitey Herzog the past few years, all that CC Sabathia has done for the Red Birds is "win".  Sabathia had another excellent season in 2009, and perhaps no other player in the NL is as important to his team.  Sabathia won 21 games (2nd) and posted a sterling 2.59 ERA (3rd).  He also struck out a career best 267 batters (2nd).  21-11 (2nd), 2.59 ERA (3rd), 36 GS (T-1st), 257 IP, 210 H, 67 W, 267 K (2nd), 4 CG (T-3rd), 2 SHO (T-2nd).


Joey Votto, Detroit OutlawsJoey Votto (Detroit Outlaws) - Joey Votto started the 2009 season as the backup to Jason Giambi.  He ended the 2009 season as a bonafide MVP candidate.  Despite not starting regularly until May, Votto had a stellar rookie campaign, and helped carry the Outlaws to a surprise playoff appearance.  Votto finished 6th in the league in batting with a .314 average, and drove in 108 runs (T-6th).  His 42 doubles were tied for 6th most in the league.  He also belted 22 home runs.  .314 AVG (6th), 551 AB, 80 R, 173 H, 42 DO (6th), 3 TR, 22 HR, 108 RBI (T-6th), 48 BB, .366 OBP, .521 SLG.



  AL Cy Young 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Mariano Rivera, OAK 10 5 3 68
Ryan Dempster, SDB/NYA 8 7 2 63
Justin Verlander, SFS 3 6 8 41
Bobby Jenks, SFS 0 3 4 13
Rich Harden, SFS 1 0 3 8
Joe Blanton, MIL 0 2 1 7
Jon Lester, BOS 1 0 1 6
Cole Hamels, LAS 0 0 1 1
Jose Arredondo, BOS 0 0 0 0
Jesse Litsch, NYA 0 0 0 0

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Jose Arredondo, Boston BlizzardsJose Arredondo (Boston Blizzards)




Joe Blanton, Milwaukee MaulersJoe Blanton (Milwaukee Maulers)




Ryan Dempster, New York FlatironsRyan Dempster (San Diego Black Sox/New York Flatirons)




Cole Hamels, Los Angeles SkyhawksCole Hamels (Los Angeles Skyhawks)




Rich Harden, San Francisco Sea LionsRich Harden (San Francisco Sea Lions)




Bobby Jenks, San Francisco Sea LionsBobby Jenks (San Francisco Sea Lions)




Jon Lester, Boston BlizzardsJon Lester (Boston Blizzards)




Jesse Litsch, New York FlatironsJesse Litsch (New York Flatirons)




Mariano Rivera, Oakland OaksMariano Rivera (Oakland Oaks)




Justin Verlander, San Francisco Sea LionsJustin Verlander (San Francisco Sea Lions)




  NL Cy Young 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Tim Lincecum, BAL 19 1 1 99
CC Sabathia, STL 3 13 2 56
Carlos Marmol, MIN 0 3 5 14
Roy Halladay, KCN 1 2 2 13
Jake Peavy, TOR 0 1 8 11
Dan Haren, ANA 0 2 0 6
Carlos Zambrano, TOR 0 1 1 4
Brian Fuentes, ANA 0 0 2 2
Johan Santana, MIN 0 0 1 1
James Shields, ATL 0 0 1 1

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Brian Fuentes, Anaheim AntsBrian Fuentes (Anaheim Ants)




Roy Halladay, Kansas City MonarchsRoy Halladay (Kansas City Monarchs)




Dan Haren, Anaheim AntsDan Haren (Anaheim Ants)




Tim Lincecum, Baltimore StarsTim Lincecum (Baltimore Stars)




Carlos Marmol, Minnesota MooseCarlos Marmol (Minnesota Moose)




Jake Peavy, Toronto SharpshootersJake Peavy (Toronto Sharpshooters)




CC Sabathia, St. Louis Red BirdsCC Sabathia (St. Louis Red Birds)




Johan Santana, Minnesota MooseJohan Santana (Minnesota Moose)




James Shields, Atlanta MetsJames Shields (Atlanta Mets)




Carlos Zambrano, Toronto SharpshootersCarlos Zambrano (Toronto Sharpshooters)





  AL Rookie of the Year 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Evan Longoria, OAK 21 1 1 109
Hiroki Kuroda, TEX 0 9 8 35
Jay Bruce, BOS 0 7 9 30
Jacoby Ellsbury, OAK 2 5 3 28
Brad Ziegler, SDB 0 1 2 5

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Jay Bruce, Boston BlizzardsJay Bruce (Boston Blizzards)




Jacoby Ellsbury, Oakland OaksJacoby Ellsbury (Oakland Oaks)



Hiroki Kuroda, Texas MissionsHiroki Kuroda (Texas Missions)




Evan Longoria, Oakland OaksEvan Longoria (Oakland Oaks)



Brad Ziegler, San Diego Black SoxBrad Ziegler (San Diego Black Sox)




  NL Rookie of the Year 

Voting Results 1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
Joey Votto, DET 17 3 2 96
Geovany Soto, BAL 6 14 2 74
Denard Span, FLA 0 5 6 21
Mike Aviles, SEA 0 0 11 11
Joey Devine, STL 0 1 2 5

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Mike Aviles, Seattle Iron BirdsMike Aviles (Seattle Iron Birds)



Joey Devine, St. Louis Red BirdsJoey Devine (St. Louis Red Birds)



Geovany Soto, Baltimore StarsGeovany Soto (Baltimore Stars)




Denard Span, Florida InvadersDenard Span (Florida Invaders)




Joey Votto, Detroit OutlawsJoey Votto (Detroit Outlaws)







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